However complex or sensitive a technical project may be, in more than six decades Radkersburger Metal Forming (rm) has acquired the experience and technical facilities to turn even the most difficult projects into reality.

Core skills
The company’s core skills include metal forming techniques such as metal spinning, deep-drawing and hydro-mechanical deep-drawing (external/internal high-pressure forming), as well as additional operations such as turning, milling, welding, grinding and polishing, through to complete structural component assembly.

A range of production processes are carried out in interlinked installations. rm possesses a high level of expertise in the synergetic application of deep-drawing, metal spinning and hydro-mechanical deep-drawing. As a result, we are an ideal supplier of finished and semi-finished goods produced by sheet metal forming.

The staff at rm are distinguished by flexibility, the ability to work on their own initiative and a high level of expert knowledge.

We pay special attention to the individual needs of our customers right from the start. Projects are developed and implemented using the highest quality standards.