rm lands largest order in the company’s history

From 2016, the automotive supplier will be supplying a major component for the air springs of a German car maker. Over the next eight years, rm will generate revenues of around 26 million euros from the order.

Radkersburger Metallwarenfabrik GmbH has been specialising in sheet metal forming for more than six decades and has grown to become the largest production plant in the Bad Radkersburg area. Whereas in the first few decades production consisted mainly of harnesses, today rm is in demand throughout Europe as a specialist in sheet metal forming. Due to the company’s exceptional technical expertise, the largest order in its history has now been landed. For several years, the team at rm has been working on a development for air spring pistons for the luxury segment in the automotive sector and now the development is going into production in 2016 with an order volume of around 26 million euros over the next eight years.
“We are proud that we have won such an order with our technical development, despite being a relatively small company”, said Dr. Thomas Badegruber, the managing partner of rm. In order to be able to deliver on an order of this magnitude, around three million euros are being invested in new manufacturing facilities.
“It has always been a concern of mine to strengthen and expand Bad Radkersburg as a location – despite its difficult position for an industrial company. I’m happy that this has been achieved once more thanks to this major order”, says Partner KR Peter Merlini.
Over the last few years, rm has made a name for itself in the automotive sector. Within the company, highly complex forming tasks are translated into reality and rm acts increasingly as a development partner for the customer. Because of the increased driving comfort it provides, pneumatic shock absorption is a growth market. By the time production starts at the beginning of 2016, it will have been necessary to perfect the development, add to the team and create the necessary infrastructure. Investments that will also aid in handling future projects.

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